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The Less You Give - Scott Hendrie

Having played with numerous rock bands, blues bands and show bands, as well as

being invited to contribute to many other

artists' recordings, in addition to my own

work of recording classical, fingerstyle blues and ragtime acoustic pieces, over the years,

I've developed many styles of playing. You

don't have to learn every style of playing,

but, the more styles you can play, the more

versatile you will be. Be all you can be!

The First Note


Maybe, you'd like to learn how to play your favourite songs, develop your technique, and become a more expressive player. Maybe, you're at the stage where you would like to develop your fretboard knowledge and get a better understanding of music theory. Whatever you feel you need to become a better and more rounded player, I can help you to achieve your ambitions.

Teach In Harmony


Maybe, your goals are more modest, and the ability to strum your way through your favourite songs is your ambition. That's your choice. I'm more than happy to show you how to do that while helping you to develop a sense of rhythm at the same time.

The Future Sounds Good


Although there is no requirement to do so, you  may wish to study the internationally recognised RGT or Rockschool exam modules. These graded exams are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, and UCAS points are available for grades 6 - 8.

Founder’s Notes 


Learning to read music is not a prerequisite to becoming a guitar player - some of the best players out there can't read a note. But, it was a huge help to me in terms of phrasing what I was trying to play, and gave me a great understanding in how to construct my own music. And, it's probably not as difficult to learn as you might think!

  Scott Hendrie

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