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 Tuition Tailor-Made for All Needs    
The Entertainer - Scott Hendrie
Humble Beginnings

Like many things in life, learning to play the guitar is all about setting small targets, achieving them and moving on to the next one. From day one, using my own module, we'll look at rhythm, picking exercises and start building a vocabulary of chords and how to apply them in the context of a tune or song as well as gaining an understanding of how to read tablature. Learning to read standard notation will come later.

Building A System

We'll develop an understanding of Blues and modal scale systems, coupled with a robust picking technique which will eventually allow you to instantly convey musical ideas from your head to your fingers and give you a reliable method of phrasing your playing. These principles can be applied to blues, rock, jazz, country, pop or just about any musical genre.

Tackling A Problem

Remember, any problem you've had when learning to play, I've had it before you! Sometimes we'll tackle a problem head-on and sometimes we'll take a more lateral approach - whatever works best for you in any given situation.

Informal But Not Inflexible

I always encourage students to bring along their own books of their favourite players so that you can learn some things that YOU want to play as well as working from my module. It doesn't change the way I teach and it doesn't change the way you learn: it just makes it more interesting and more fun if you're learning things that you want to learn.

  Custom Programmes   

In addition to rock and blues, as well as a wide range of songs, I'm more than happy to teach fingerstyle blues, ragtime acoustic and classical styles. By taking a song-based approach, learners get more enjoyment out of tuition, while still exploring the many aspects of music.

  Tuition Books

As well as the RGT and Rockschool Grade modules, I use a wide range of books in many styles and genres. The options are endless.

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